Zach Poole – Registered Massage Therapy

Zach is dedicated professional in the field of wellness, holds multiple titles including Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Functional Range Release (FR) practitioner, and FRC Mobility Specialist.

His primary goal is to empower his clients to optimize their performance through effective techniques and educational guidance.

With an extensive background of over 7 years working alongside athletes and personal experience as a junior-provincial weightlifter, Zach possesses valuable insights into the essential recovery methods necessary to maintain peak functionality.

Recognizing the significance of daily movement and recovery practices, he considers them as fundamental elements for leading a healthy life.

Zach adopts an individualized approach, tailoring his methods to meet the unique needs of each client, both in the present moment and in their broader treatment objectives.

Fueled by a passion for continuous learning, he draws inspiration from a diverse range of techniques, incorporating elements such as relaxation and breathwork, sports massage, and active rehabilitation into his practice.