Bryce Jay – Physiotherapist

Bryce completed his Master of Physical Therapy at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) after completing a Bachelors of Sciences at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

He has experience working with joint replacement rehabilitation (pre & post surgical procedures), sports related injuries,MVA injuries, chronic muscle and joint related pain, and work related injuries.

Bryce utilizes a holistic approach during his assessments and treatments to build strong therapeutic relationships with his clients.

Everyone has different beliefs, values, and experiences, and this makes everyone’s treatment program different.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience, he is able to build individualized treatment programs for his clients, optimizing the client’s performance and rehabilitation.

During his time away from work, Bryce is a competitive ultimate player with 10+ years of experience.

He has played for the UBC and UWO varsity ultimate teams competing against teams in Canada and the United States.

He also enjoys biking around the city, hiking and camping, and exploring the city en route of finding the best places to eat sushi.