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clinical counselling

Clinical Counselling is intended to help you navigate difficulties or shifts in your life in order to enhance and sustain mental health and wellness. The crux of the counselling process is that it is a therapeutic relationship wherein a clinical counsellor applies professional competencies in order to promote change in the client. A Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) can work with you to overcome obstacles, along with problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Working collaboratively to address topics that impact your personal growth, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, professional goals, and cognitive-, affect- and behaviour management is what you can expect from a clinical counsellor.
Registered Clinical Counsellors undergo specialized training that focuses on assisting clients to improve their mental wellbeing utilizing various evidence-based and best-practice modalities. These can include approaches that are behavioural, affective, cognitive, somatic, developmental, spiritual, and systemic.
Common issues we treat include: 
Accident Recovery/ICBC | Anxiety | Boundaries | Communication Issues | Coping Skills | Depression | Divorce | Grief/Loss | Goal Setting | Injury Recovery | Life Coaching | Life Transitions | Personal Growth | Phobias | Post Traumatic Stress | Relationship/Interpersonal Issues | Self-Esteem | Sleep Difficulties | Stress | Trauma