Jackson DEkker – Registered Massage Therapy

Born and raised in Riverview, New Brunswick, Jackson always had a sport on the go whether it was baseball, basketball, football, or volleyball. 

Outside of sports, Jackson is a pretty big nerd! He loves playing video games if not playing baseball or working out at the gym.

After graduating with honors from the Riverview High School in 2013, he was accepted into the University of Calgary in the fall of 2014. 

After attending the University of Calgary for 2 years and playing for the university’s varsity baseball team, he decided to enroll in the Easter College Massage therapy program back in New Brunswick

Jackson graduated from the 2200 hour Massage Therapy program with distinction.

He went on to work at a local rehab facility before making the move to Vancouver in October 2019.  

Jackson believes in the multidisciplinary approach to his client’s health.

He is anxious to put his skills to the test and can’t wait to be apart of his new work family.